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Berufskolleg Jülich


Our educational mission is to promote a comprehensive professional, personal and social competency in order to prepare our students for the demands of an increasingly globalised world.
To this end, we offer a wide range of courses in the fields of business and administration, technology/natural sciences, and nutritional and domestic science, which are tailored to our students` individual inclinations, talents, and career aspirations.


Additional qualifications further improve their career opportunities.
In our Vocational School for Business and Administration, a general higher education entrance qualification and the qualification State-certified Commercial Assistant can be acquired.
The double qualification SiA – Mechanical Engineering PLuS, our vocational training program to become an industrial or a precision mechanic in combination with a mechanical engineering degree at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Jülich Campus, is attractive for young people with a mathematical-technical aptitude.
Additional qualifications such as an officially-recognised IT licence, a training as a nurse’s aide or the Euregio competence certificate increase our students` chances on the job market.


Social commitment through regular projects such as the “Social Project” in cooperation with the carpenters’ guild or blood donation add to our profile promoting the personal and social skills of our students.


Furthermore, we are deeply committed to the network School without Racism – School with Courage.