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Partner Institutes


The Foundation Europese Beroepsopleidingen has selected the partners for this exchange very carefully. They all are vocational schools from the Euregion Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our search lead to participation of Bk Nord der StädteRegion Aachen from Herzogenrath,  BK Jülich, Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Berufskolleg der StädteRegion Aachen as German partners. HAST Hasselt joined as the Belgian partner and for the Netherlands VISTA college entered into the exchange. Each of the partners has shown a special interest in reducing early school leaving. All partners are convinced that “Emotional intelligence has an enormous impact regarding reduction of ESL”.

Based on the training ‘Emotional intelligence’, provided by STEP Ljublana/Slovenia, partners will develop a train-the-trainer course in and for their own institute but also for colleagues from other education providers that wish to be involved in sharing experiences gained in this exchange. Ultimate goal: integration of courses emotional intelligence in the curriculum and in councelling.

Partners will share expertise and information in an intensive way. Foundation Europese Beroepsopleidingen as initiator will stimulate and monitor this process and coordinate all activities during the exchange..