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Partner Institutes


The Foundation Europese Beroepsopleidingen has selected the partners for this exchange very carefully. They all are vocational schools from the Euregion Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our search lead to participation of Bk Nord der StädteRegion Aachen from Herzogenrath,  BK Jülich, Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Berufskolleg der StädteRegion Aachen as German partners. HAST Hasselt joined as the Belgian partner and for the Netherlands VISTA college entered into the exchange. Each of the partners has shown a special interest in reducing early school leaving. All partners are convinced that “Emotional intelligence has an enormous impact regarding reduction of ESL”.

Based on the training ‘Emotional intelligence’, provided by STEP Ljublana/Slovenia, partners will develop a train-the-trainer course in and for their own institute but also for colleagues from other education providers that wish to be involved in sharing experiences gained in this exchange. Ultimate goal: integration of courses emotional intelligence in the curriculum and in councelling.

Partners will share expertise and information in an intensive way. Foundation Europese Beroepsopleidingen as initiator will stimulate and monitor this process and coordinate all activities during the exchange..



Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Bk Aachen-GB

Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Berufskolleg der StädteRegion Aachen


  • Opportunities
    we offer various types of qualifications.
    We promote the personal development of the individual and offer opportunities through: individual advice, support from counseling teachers and / or school social workers, talent scouting.
  • Diversity and culturewe
    see it as an opportunity to live tolerance and respect.
  • Health
    is a special concern of ours as a school in the state program “Education and Health”.
  • Advice and supporthelps
    many to find their own individual path..
  • Participation
    we live in class with project work and active student council work.
  • Cooperation
    with various companies, organizations and institutions in the region are the basis of our work
  • Work Experience
    we combine theoretical knowledge and professional experience
  • Media
    we use to make our lessons sustainable and future-oriented.
  • Internationalization
    we live through practice-oriented stays abroad as part of the Erasmus + program of the European Union.
  • Humor, fun and joy
    are basic requirements for well-being and successful learning.
  • Trainings
    which aim to further develop the pedagogical, technical, job-related knowledge and skills.

Bk Herzogenrath-GB

Berufskolleg Nord der StädteRegion Aachen Herzogenrath

The unique location of the vocational college Herzogenrath in the border region Meuse-Rhine as well as the globalization of the labor market is the main emphasis of our work. Being a European Erasmus+ school, preparing our students for the various job opportunities and living conditions our border region offers, is especially important to us. In order to make use of these possibilities, we highly promote foreign language learning and developing intercultural skills.

Alongside courses in English and Spanish, we therefore offer courses in French and Dutch as euregional languages in almost all of educational programmes. To further promote language and intercultural skills, our students take part in internships abroad that last two or more weeks. In addition, students can obtain the KMK-certificate in foreign languages.

Moreover, we offer internships abroad for our students in the dual educational system. We closely cooperate with partners, schools and companies in Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain. This cooperation allows our students to gain first experiences abroad which are important for their work-related and personal development. Early on, our students can test their language skills in our exchange programs with foreign partners in France, Belgium, Poland and Spain.
Exchange projects with our partners in France, Belgium, Poland and Spain enable our students, including full-time students, to test their foreign language skills in direct contact.


VISTA college-GB

VISTA collegevista.jpg

VISTA College, a new name in the South of Limburg, but certainly not a newcomer. An established VET institution that has been formed by the merge of Arcus College and ROC Leeuwenborgh. Ready for the future to offer a broad and modern set of training programmes. Focused on collaboration to develop the employees of the future for Limburg. That’s our mission.

The world around us doesn’t stop turning. The social, economic and technological developments are evolving rapidly. Professions are constantly changing and new ones emerge. Life Long Learning becomes the social security of the future. In a vastly growing economy, the need for educated and qualified personnel at VET level rises. At VISTA college we educate to take care of the demographic shrinkage. A larger target audience offers us the possibility to develop a broader portfolio and track a clear strategical path. To give professional development and digitalisation a boost together. United we are capable to always offer a differentiated and regional oriented programme accessible to all.

Stichting EB-GB

Stichting Europese Beroepsopleidingenstichting-eb.jpg

The “Stichting Europäisches Bildungswerk” (Stichting EB) was founded in 1992 as Dutch legal entity with the intention to realise a European co-operative community of institutes for vocational education and training (VET institutes) and adult education as a foundation under Dutch law.

In Mai 2015 “Euregio-Berufsbildung/Verein zur Förderung euregionaler Berufsbildung in der Euregio Maas-Rhein e.V.” (Euregio-Berufsbilding e.V.) (EB e.V.) was founded as a German legal entity with the same intention and goals as a foundation under German law.

Partners and participants in this community are the VET-institutes VISTA college in Heerlen, Sittard and Maastricht (the Netherlands), ZAWM in Eupen (Belgium), Hast Katholiek Onderwijs Hasselt, Belgium, Berufskolleg Herzogenrath, Herzogenrath (Germany) en Berufskolleg Eschweiler, Eschweiler (Germany), Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule, Aachen (Germany), Thomas-Eßer-Berufskolleg, Euskirchen, (Germany), Berufskolleg Jülich, Jülich, (Germany) as well as other stakeholders from the Euregion Meuse Rhine.

STEP Institute-GB

STEP Institute


STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organization that is dealing with people development. STEP is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The heart of the organization represents a core team of interdisciplinary experts, who work along with different external trainers and experts. STEP’s members are educated in the fields of psychology, economy and sociology, so they can address complex challenges through integrated approach. With project activities and trainings STEP’s team help to bridge the differences between education and work, business and public sector, scientific approach and practical experience, start – ups and big organizations.

Mission of STEP Institute is to empower people for better functioning in work environment through innovative methods. It helps people to discover and nurture their talents, develop professional and soft skills (communication, emotional intelligence, stress management, growth mindset, etc.) and realize entrepreneurial ideas into marketable solutions. On the other side it helps organizations to realize their potential by engaging its employees, developing new skills with train – the – trainer approach and enabling effective collaboration through team coaching sessions.​

Bk Jülich-GB

Berufskolleg Jülich


Our educational mission is to promote a comprehensive professional, personal and social competency in order to prepare our students for the demands of an increasingly globalised world.
To this end, we offer a wide range of courses in the fields of business and administration, technology/natural sciences, and nutritional and domestic science, which are tailored to our students` individual inclinations, talents, and career aspirations.


Additional qualifications further improve their career opportunities.
In our Vocational School for Business and Administration, a general higher education entrance qualification and the qualification State-certified Commercial Assistant can be acquired.
The double qualification SiA – Mechanical Engineering PLuS, our vocational training program to become an industrial or a precision mechanic in combination with a mechanical engineering degree at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Jülich Campus, is attractive for young people with a mathematical-technical aptitude.
Additional qualifications such as an officially-recognised IT licence, a training as a nurse’s aide or the Euregio competence certificate increase our students` chances on the job market.


Social commitment through regular projects such as the “Social Project” in cooperation with the carpenters’ guild or blood donation add to our profile promoting the personal and social skills of our students.


Furthermore, we are deeply committed to the network School without Racism – School with Courage.


Hast Hasselt-GB

Hast Hasselt

In our school students can choose different fields of study, most of them situated in nursing, business & entrepreneurship and STEM. We prepare our students to commence higher education (master, bachelor) or prepare our students to be a most valued collegue for the labour market. Within these different fiels of study, we provide an arrange of courses students can choose from. A great asset for us to combine the talent of our students with the different interests and fields of study we have to offer!

BK Eschweiler-GB


Berufskolleg Eschweiler


The Vocational College Eschweiler combines different vocational and school-based educational paths with a high degree of practical relevance under one roof. The focus lies on commercial, industrial-technical, social and health-related areas. This range of focal points is offered both as a full-time school and as block or part-time courses within the framework of dual training. The selection of a course of study ranges from preparatory courses or courses serving career orientation to vocational schools with the option of acquiring a secondary school certificate to more qualified degrees such as the technical college entrance qualification or the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

Approximately 2400 pupils attend the vocational college in Eschweiler and around 120 employees (such as teachers, school social workers, special educators and secretarial staff) actively support our student body in order to recognize and promote existing talents and strengths and to find exactly the right educational path for each individual.